When is enough, enough?

I believe I can speak for most, if not all of us in the digital marketing space when I say: We are in a state of total data overload. Our increasing ability to rapidly gather data has far outpaced our ability to support it, as teams struggle to filter, manage, or even make sense of their findings. A laser focus on driving revenue has met with a barrage of bar charts and deluge of dashboards – in short, it has become far more challenging to tune out the ‘noise’ and tune into appropriate, actionable insight. Your team might be struggling with data saturation and in this case, more simply isn’t better. It’s muddy. It’s often inaccurate. It’s confusing, and unfortunately, it can be blinding. So, why does this matter and what does it mean for your agency? Let’s break it down.

So here’s the problem.  It’s difficult to determine true performance indicators in demand marketing given the amount of available data.

Here’s why this matters.  We live and breathe big data – it has given us critical looks into marketing algorithms but at LaBine Media we are often asked:

“How do we see the next steps? All this data, we need to take action but, how do we know what’s really important? How do we find those nuggets of information that will allow us to build on our performance? 

A valid question because unfortunately, poor data hygiene is common in today’s world of information onslaught, and of course, bad data equals bad data output. With many companies struggling to define what metrics they deem as signals of success, it is easier than ever to wind up in a cycle of more data, fewer clear takeaways, and total data burnout.

Beyond burnout, with marketing teams drowning in an over-abundance of data and dashboards, it is nearly impossible for them to ensure data accuracy! Ironic, right? Unfortunately, this means that your team (and budget) can be working tirelessly without unearthing any real action items or establishing conversion benchmarks. This impacts overall strategy, success, and so much more.  

Here’s what we’ll do now.  It’s time to get even more strategic about the collection and management of the data around us. Doing so can ensure your strategy is aligned with your technology, resulting in an accurate conversion journey!

How?  Start by asking yourself these three key questions:

  1. Have we established a unified marketing funnel and sales pipeline?
  2. Are we able to quantify lead conversions to opportunity and at what cost?
  3. Do we have the right resources in place to confidently benchmark our data?  

If you and your team can’t answer the above questions confidently, don’t panic. That’s where we come in. At LaBine Media, we aim to help you better understand your technology stack and inbound lead flow process, determining where efficiencies can be gained. We’re passionate about growing your business and making a clear, measurable difference, guiding your team through today’s complex media landscape. We sweat the details and watch the dollars; we tackle data overload with you. In short: we’ll help you tune out the noise and tune in to what matters most for your business.

A free, actionable analysis awaits!

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