We all understand the immense value associated with brands, logos, and taglines. We’ve watched the masters of such dominate their perspective industries: think Apple, Nike, Ford, just to name a few. Each company impressive in their own right, bringing to the table an equally impressive budget well into the billions. Yes, you read that correctly, billions. With a b. I don’t like to presume, so I won’t speak for your marketing budget, but I certainly can’t match that. Not even close.

What many of us may be ‘lacking’ in budget, we can beyond recoup for in values. A certain group of core attributes to which we set our companies, if you will. I firmly believe these specific principles – not budget – are the basis of building an exceptional brand. A stand-out, rise-above-the-crowd, beloved brand. Let’s face it, competition isn’t thinning out. Your brand, your values, your people, your vision – they need to be in alignment in order to survive. Where to begin?

It starts with the first hello.

Here at LaBine Media, our job is to bring your audience and your brand together in an impactful and effective way, ensuring the brand experience measures up to your brand values.

Does Your Company and people possess these values?

The cornerstone of a company’s foundation from which all services and products are measured.

I’m proud to report that client referrals have contributed to 100% of our company’s growth and was the basis of our success for the first 10 years of business. Clients saw our work, our efforts, our expertise, our results, and our integrity. While word-of-mouth isn’t as sustainable today in the hyper-competitive environment we live in, integrity will always play a huge role in our business. Companies now pull out all stops when it comes to marketing their goods – think shiny bows (more on that in a second) and plenty of song and dance. At LaBine Media, we won’t try to just dazzle our way in. We stand behind our work and can promise to confidently bring proven results to your table.

The insurance a company provides their customers of being their partners today AND tomorrow.

When I was a  media planner working for a high profile agency in San Francisco, part of our training was to be well versed across all accounts.  This meant changing  account teams annually.  Today, earning a client’s trust takes time.  The trust necessary to earn a seat at their sales and marketing table. The trust in knowing we’re more than just another vendor, but rather an extension of their strategic marketing team. The investment a company makes in building this type of a relationship is far less of a financial ask than new business development, with far greater return.

The reputation that’s gained by a company through the consistency of great work and great service.

There are a lot of great marketing campaigns out there with cleaver concepts, plays on words, and movie star sponsors. Might as well come together in a shiny bow – all wrapped in nostalgic, fun-loving, all-eyes-on-me music to capture our attention…and it works! Hold on though. What if the quality of the brand and services offered are not aligned with marketing experience created? The results can be damaging, catastrophic, and sometimes irreversible. Quality, quality, quality. Shiny bows aside, it’s paramount to success.

These values aren’t part of your budget. They can’t be found in your spread sheets. They’re in your management team, your leadership style, your people, your mindset, your passion. Being the best at what you do doesn’t require billions, it requires brand building values.

…and it starts with the first hello.

Want to say hello?

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