Lindi LaBine

Founder & CEO

Our work defines us!
…as demonstrated through our ability to maintain strong, lasting relationships with both our clients and partners.

Lindi founded LaBine Media in 2000 after a career in media working for some of the leading tech agencies here in the Silicon Valley. With a focus on B2B, her work extends across many high profile brands such as Motorola, KPMG, Google, and Workday, to name a few. Lindi is known for her expertise, diplomacy, and ability to achieve actionable ROI through reduced cost per inquiry, hyper-targeting, and media mix optimization. She also brings a deep understanding of all aspects of marketing, allowing clients to benefit from her holistic view.

Aside from running her own business, Lindi is a mother, wife, and an education advocate for parents of children with learning disabilities. Family time is what gives her strength. Her yoga practice is what keeps her grounded. Thirst for knowledge is her key to success.